Hi, I’m Christy Brown, I have been photographing local families, schools, sports teams, weddings/events and more professionally for over 12 years now.  My intent is to give you enough information about me to ensure your comfort and confidence. I want to be your “Go To” photographer. So let’s begin……………….

Since the age of twelve, I have been captivated by the craft. Ice skating on the lake adjoining our property while snapping images of the magic of a winter day; capturing the sun setting on a warm summer evening or snapping candid photos of family and friends were my favorite pass-times.

Fast-forward ten years when I entered the work force……

I worked for small companies, large corporations, and the government, I was also self-employed. Working as an accountant, administrative assistant, office manager, realtor and other positions too numerous to list, I excelled in all of these positions and while I enjoyed and benefited from them, I never found them to be fulfilling.

Traveling from the east coast to the west coast and to other countries over the next ten years gave me the opportunity to indulge in my favorite hobby, photography. I began experimenting with different cameras, techniques, lighting and all the facets involved in photography. I became captivated by the process. I took classes, reached out to professionals asking for advice. I researched and most important, I practiced and practiced and practiced. I read somewhere that “Taking photos is the only way to become a better photographer”, so I practiced and practiced and practice some more, honing my craft. I found other photographers and learned new techniques and guess what… I practiced some more.

Now, many years later, I love the feeling I get when I capture my subject in the perfect light and see their personality come alive in my image. It is such a great pleasure to be able to give that “moment in time’ to my clients. Capturing the moment and the individuals’ personality with the perfect shot is a reward in itself. Seeing the pleasure and happiness on my clients’ face is the fullfilment I have sought.

I have worked with thousands of subjects and am always striving to improve. As I learn, I am broadening the scope of the services I provide. However, in order to always meet my objective, “The Perfect Shot”, I will not take on a project unless I know I can provide great memories.

I am a creative, outgoing, positive person with a great enthusiasm for each project I undertake. The newborn, the toddler, the graduating senior; the family, the him, the her, the us; there is a magic moment in each one, it’s my job to see it and capture it for you.

My goal as a photographer has not changed despite the growth of my business.  I always stick to the same approach find the story, find the individual's personality and capture it....tell the story with my images.  That and to keep practicing, practicing, practicing………………..

-Christy Brown